About the Gators Tri Club

The St. Albert Gators Triathlon Club is a non-profit, parent-run athletic organization that encourages physical fitness, creates future triathletes and helps young athletes prepare for the St. Albert Kids of Steel Triathlon. The club was started in 1997 by the St. Albert Road Runners and Triathlon Team (STARRT) as a way to involve youth.


The Gators Tri Club is managed by a volunteer group of parents. The Board of Directors meets throughout the year and an Annual General Meeting is held each September. The Club manages both the Gators (ages 12-18) and Junior Gators (ages 8-11) programs. Membership dues are collected to cover coaching and facility expenses.


All young athletes ages 8 to 18 are welcome. The season for Gators runs from October 1 through early June; Junior Gators train from January to June. A limited number of spaces are available in both Gators and Junior Gators programs. Preference is given to returning athletes each Fall and new athletes are admitted on a first come, first serve basis. 

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