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The Gators Triathlon Club focuses on the development of life skills, such as goal setting, development of self-esteem, and social skills, and is combined with a diverse, high-performance athletic program.


The Gators programs provide a positive atmosphere that will motivate young athletes to achieve their maximum potential in the sport of triathlon through commitment, dedication, and perseverance, while having fun.


Training programs for Gators athletes consider age, ability and future athletic and personal goals. Training plans are tailored to each athlete and are flexible to ensure workouts are both fun and impactful.

Gators programs work toward the goal of competing in the St. Albert Kids of Steel Triathlon in early June. All Gators athletes are required to have a current membership with Triathlon Alberta.

Programs for Athletes Age 12-18


You don’t need to be an experienced triathlete to join Gators. It helps if you have experience in competitive swimming or have competed in any Kids of Steel triathlons. If not, our coach will get you up to speed. Gators train throughout the year to compete in the St. Albert Kids of Steel in June and many choose to compete in other triathlons in Alberta and beyond.

The program includes several coached sessions per week and runs from October 1 through early June.


There are two program options available for this age group.


Monday – Swimming

Tuesday – Running

Wednesday – Swimming

Thursday – Cycling

Saturday – Cross Training


This option is similar to Training to Train, however, it includes one swimming practice. The athlete must select either the Monday or Wednesday swim option.



Programs for Athletes Age 8-12


The program for younger athletes includes two coached sessions per week. The athlete must select either Monday or Wednesday swim. Cycling is not included with this age group.


​Monday* – Swimming

Tuesday - Running

Saturday- Cross training


Fees & Requirements

A valid membership in Triathlon Alberta is required for all athletes. This includes a membership for the Fall and purchase of a new membership in January.

Fees are for the entire year and can be payed in three month instalments in October, November, and December.

Training to Train: $900

Active for Life: $720

Fundamentals: $450

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Contact for a registration form and more details.



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